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Ron’s Plumbing career began in the United States Navy where he worked on water lines and repaired leaks during his tour at sea. After returning to civilian life, Ron obtained his commercial diving certification from the College of Oceaneering where he was trained to repair underwater pipelines on oil rigs.

After transitioning to the service industry Ron spent the next 30 years honing his skill and later, was hired by other companies to serve as their responsible master plumber and oversee their plumbing divisions. From gas leaks to commercial boilers, to remodels, to backflow devices, to slab leaks, Ron has seen it all.

In 2009 with the help of his wife Jennifer, Ron started his own plumbing company, and the rest is history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Endless hot water (you’ll be able to fill up a large bathtub without running out of hot water), energy efficiency, and longer lifespan than traditional water heaters.

Check the other fixtures in the house. If the hot water issue is isolated to the shower only, the problem is more likely to be a shower cartridge or possibly an issue with your recirculating pump, if you have one.

Yes, believe it or not, changing out a shower valve is considered a “rough-in” and your city most likely requires a plumber to pull a city permit for this work.

A plumber must be licensed by the state, have liability insurance, and be registered with the city in which they are performing the work to pull a permit.

This ensures you are having a licensed plumber perform work on your delicate plumbing system which will then be checked by a city inspector to verify it was done to code.

The culprit could be a combination of one or several of the following; old cast iron pipes, tree roots growing into the pipe, a break or belly in the line, or possibly improper use such as pouring grease down drains and excessive toilet paper or wipes usage. All can be diagnosed by opting to camera your sewer line.

Should you need to shut off your water in the event of an emergency, a whole house shut-off valve affords you the convenience of not having to run out to your meter to shut the water off. With a ¼ turn shut-off valve at your house, you simply turn the handle and do not need a meter key or tool.

In an emergency, being able to shut your water off more quickly can be the difference between a small mess to wipe up or needing costly water damage restoration.

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